Evaluation Tools

Welcome to eeVAL's Tools Library. To evaluate a program, you are going to need some tools proven to be helpful to other programs, or developed by your team. However, before diving in to choosing a tool, please start by going to the Values and the Processes pages. 

The time will come to decide what data to collect, and to design the method. To start with a little word choice, evaluators often use the word “instrument” to mean which tool they will use to collect data. However, that word can infer use of a traditional survey, and although can be precisely what you need, so many other paths exist to collect data! Therefore, on this site, we wanted to make sure our audiences considered many different ways to collect data, and we are using the word “tools” to reflect that flexibility and breadth. Our use of the word “tools” means both tools and methods, and both ready-made instruments and adaptable approaches or strategies.

Embracing eeVAL's values and steps asks EE evaluators to lean into the multiple realities and ways of knowing that exist in the world. That way, we can push the boundaries of what we expect to see, feel and experiences when we engage folks in understanding our programs. Included here are some interested examples--some tried and true, some new--of ways to 'measure' and understand programs to determine their worth and inform continual improvement. Data collection, analysis and sharing out findings is an exciting opportunity to learn and engage alongside key members who can help design tools, collect and analyze data, and/or share out findings. Genuinely work to keep community members' voices and experiences at the forefront throughout the processes, including data collection and analysis.

Follow the "decision tree" below to help you navigate this part of the site devoted to evaluation tools - do you need help tracking program metrics? Identifying outcomes? Evaluating your processes? Choosing tools? Explore below! 

What do you want to learn or need help with in your evaluation?

Tracking/Sharing Data

We want help tracking our measurable program metrics, sometimes called "outputs", (such as participant. numbers and demographics), and sharing that information.

We do not have a data tracking system yet.
We already have a data tracking system.
Defining Outcomes

We have program goals, but we're not sure exactly what we should measure

Measuring Processes

We want to understand whether our programs or organizational processes improved or have reached our programmatic/process desired goals.

Measuring Outcomes

We are ready to learn about tools for evaluating outcomes and want to understand whether our programs are working towards or reaching our desired participant goals and outcomes.