Welcome to eeVAL, which stands for environmental education evaluation! We are so happy you have come to this site. Whether you are new to evaluation or a seasoned professional, we believe all will find value in the information here.


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Evaluation Matters

Evaluation matters for the people involved in environmental education–from program designers and practitioners to community partners, program participants, funders, evaluators, and more.

eeVAL offers a set of values, guidance, and resources to create more just, inclusive, and healthy partnerships, programs, and communities. This approach to evaluation is based on Culturally Responsive and Equitable Evaluation (CREE) advanced by Stafford Hood, Rodney Hopson, Henry Frierson, Hazel Symonette, Veronica Thomas, Karen Kirkhart, Jara Dean-Coffey, and many other program evaluation scholars.

eeVAL is essential to the continual improvement of environmental education. It is about evaluation for the purpose of learning and not simply reporting. eeVAL can inform and improve practice among practitioners, evaluators, and communities.

We invite you to learn and grow with us.


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The Values

Six core values describe what we hold most important in achieving cultural relevance and equity through eeVAL.



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Explore the Evaluation Process

Investigate how the core values can be applied to create more just evaluation processes.

LEARN ABOUT the process 


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The resources provide references, ideas, and inspiration to inform and support your application of the eeVAL framework.