Welcome! This website is all about environmental education that is responsive, equitable and thoughtfully designed. 

How and why we evaluate environmental education matters. It matters for the people who are involved in evaluation--from program designers to partners, program participants, funders, and more. High quality evaluation practices drive excellence in programming. And to have program excellence, evaluation should be culturally responsive. 

The eeVAL project offers a culturally responsive, (CREE) framework, program models, and for individuals, organizations, and networks to create more just, inclusive, and healthy partnerships, programs, and communities. Such evaluation is essential to the continual improvement of - evaluation for learning and not simply reporting. CREE in EE can inform practice among educators, evaluators, communities, programs, and the field of environmental education generally. 

eeVAL is community-led and history-informed: The environmental movement and field of environmental education have been grounded in , racism, , , and . Environmental education is rich with many racial, ethnic and gender identities and expressions, abilities, beliefs, sexual orientations, socioeconomic circumstances, , marital and immigration statuses, and physical appearances. Accordingly, we approach environmental education and our communities uniquely. eeVAL was co-created by a community of EE practitioners, evaluators, funders, and academics connected by commitment to justice, , and in environmental education. We honor those who came before us in the field of culturally responsive and equitable evaluation. 

eeVAL facilitates culture change in environmental education: Creating change demands and openness to learning. eeVAL framework includes six core values, processes, and resources to support your learning. When used in conjunction with the Guidelines for Excellence: Community Engagement (NAAEE, 2017), the eeVAL framework provides a comprehensive and flexible approach for environmental educators and their partners to facilitate program evaluation that contributes to healthier communities and equitable outcomes for all. In the spirit of cultural humility and lifelong learning, eeVAL is a “living” project and you are encouraged to learn and grow alongside us.

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